About Amori

Amori is a brand focusing on sustainability and function. Our featured merchandise made with a strong-early talent, will be your tride and a true friend. We create social goods because like us, many of you want to live in a more just, equal and engaged world and we believe that by simply starting a brand with merchandise designed by the underprivileged children is one crucial way to spark that change.

Today 4% of the Indian kids live in orphanages. These orphanages are highly dependent upon the donations and charity which make them non-sustainable and resource crunched. The small kids apart from being derived from love and care are also derived from basic requirements and living conditions. These kids live in dismal condition with little to no engagement, fun activities or adventure in their life. Due to that, they lack confidence, social and emotional development.

In India alone, there are 30 million abandoned kids who have non one to support them. Addressing this problem will make the lives of these 30 million kids better and happier! 

We want the story of every kid to be heard and hence we have come out with merchandise that speaks!

Under our model we partner with various NGOs, schools and orphanages and engage the kids in different creative and art activities. The art which is made by the kids is then taken as it is in its raw format and printed on merchandises such as t-shirts, hoodies, magnets, keychains, etc. which are then sold via our platform. With the sale of every product, we support the kid who painted the art for it.

This unique model helps us support the kid financially in the long run and engage them in fun activities. The customer who is buying the product can relate to the cause closely and is able to support a kid.

What’s unique about us is that we print a QR Code at the back of every merchandise which when scanned will show you a video of the child who created the painting. It will tell you about the conditions of the child because of yours and others support how much he/she has grown- mentally and financially.

  1. Connected with 3 NGOs.
  2. Held 1 art activity session.


Harshita Agarwal | Class 11
Anushri Jain | Class 11

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