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About Aromato

Aromato is a product-based startup that deals with scented accessories, patches, bracelets, and many more variations. They aim to provide their customers with a product that is a more feasible alternative for perfumes in areas like gyms, parties, daily use, etc., and will ease the odor problems they face while doing these activities. It will also help insomniacs, people suffering from anxiety and cold cough get relief.
  • Teenage Insecurities- Reeking of sweat amongst teens is a prominent cause of concern, teenagers often get insecure if they find themselves smelling unpleasant around company.
  • Fitness Freaks- People tend to sweat after their fitness training in gyms which results in an unpleasant smell and their journey from the gym to the way home becomes quite a task. 
  • Medical Inconvenience- Indian home remedies prove to be the easiest to implement, but not feasible at all times and situations. Medical Remedies comprising natural ingredients being quite effective can not be used at all moments. 


  • Aid you when you’re reeking of sweat after an intense workout.
  • Helps with teenage insecurities about foul body odour
  • Eliminates perfumes’ inefficiency of wearing out after gym work out which isn’t liked by all and is a task to carry it while traveling.
  • Carrying essential home remedies away from home


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