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Amori, have reached out to socially underprivileged children and asked them to do paintings and we convert those paintings into designs which are then printed on the merchandise. ​We have reached out to NGOs and those talented and underprivileged children to show their early talent which we think is a great way to support them and their families and to let the outer world know how skilled and capable those children

Team:Harshita Agarwal, Anushri Jain


To bridge the gap between sports men deprived of sports facilities and facilities owners craving for the customer we have created a web platform which would connect both of them. The app lists down all the sports facilities around your location and gives you the option to pick, choose and book sports facilities, coaches, and other sessions.  The app also gives the sportsmen and sports enthusiasts access to local and regional sports communities to connect and grow including various meetups, competitions, tournaments and more.

Team: Nakshatra Jain, Arpit Jain


Every year, millions of tonnes of soot are washed off in water bodies or are spat out in the atmosphere, polluting the environment. This poses a serious threat to the air quality index and the health of the locals who consume the water or breathe the air.We collect the soot from the filter which is put on machines including chimneys  (including PM 2.5 and larger particles) and is later treated with alcohol to make writing and printing ink. To make our product eco friendly we use waste wood from furniture factories to make products like pens etc

Team: Aditya Agarwal, Daksh Jain


We will arrange various trips for our clients to explore and experience the different religions of the world.  They can visit all the religious spots of that place. And we will also arrange various field trips for them to explore the culture and the traditions of that place.

Team: Jahnavi Singhal, Mishika Chawla

Family Reunion

Today families have become smaller because of the growing nuclear family culture in India. Extended family members connect with their families very rarely and are not updated about the events and milestones in their lives. Families end up being disconnected from each other. My solution is this app that will push people to stay in touch with family.​It will bring closeness. It will also help to connect better with each other. It will have private social media where they can chat, video call etc. They can also get a family magazine printed.

Founder: Kashish Isharwalia


Hope is a learning app for autistic kids. The learning app would include autistic special text material, video lessons, live special trainer classes, simulation programs, counsellor support and more. Autistic kids have different learning requirements which cannot be fulfilled by traditional course material. They require special instructors and mentors who can understand them and make them learn and train better.

Founder: Alankrita Rana

Kala Avenue

India has numerous artists but only 4 percent of them export their artworks. Moreover, Top Indian artists’ sales dipped by a fourth to Rs 81.28 crore in the pandemicimpacted 2020. Kala Avenue aims to be a one-stop solution to all the problems by creating a remix of the contemporary products with old art forms. This way artists will get the recognition they need to keep on pursuing their career, art forms won’t get extinct and people can enjoy art in their houses

Team: Kaashvi Isharwalia, Shivika Saraogi, Chinmay Kansal

NFT Reality

NFT Reality will be a VR based NFT Marketplace and Art Gallery. It will use VR to its best extent to capture the complete essence of NFT Art and provide users with a brand new experience and will enable users and NFT artists to present their NFT’s in the best way possible.

Team: Ishaan Goyal, Kanishk Agarwal, Prateek Begwani


At PeCre, we help you in bidding your pets a healthy and environment-friendly goodbye by providing proper, respectful & immediate cremating services. We ensure proper discardment of pets in solar incinerators which respects the sentiments of the owners and is an eco-friendly and disease-free process. 

Team: Jiya Bansal, Anika bhargava Mathur


Replanted is an organization/startup that has pledged for and promotes waste utility in all forms. Whether it be reusing water at home or considering paper/plastic/etc. that is no more of use, as raw material for various industries
We aspire to contribute to India’s waste management and make all our citizens a part of this initiative.

Founder: Vasudha


Stintern provides students with internships exposing them to working in offices/office-like schedules, in fields that are feasible, such as content writing, video editing, photo editing, etc. Stintern provides certified internships which will also help in the students profile building and ability to pursue the education for their dream career. Also allows young start-ups and companies to find budget-friendly and passionate interns for part-time work.

Team: Aarav Phutela, Nancy Shivani, Aaryaman Sharma

SPD tech

With the increasing education about women hygiene, the usage of sanitary pads and napkins has grown rapidly. The usage of pads is totally safe but the way people dispose of these pads is questionable. The majority of the pads are disposed of in dustbins and ultimately end up in dump yards causing harm to the animals and waste pickers. As a solution, we have planned to install solar incinerators in public places government schools and institutions. For those who don’t know what a solar incinerator is, it is a machine that disposes of sanitary pads hygienically without causing any harm to the environment. By this, we would be saving animals and the environment simultaneously.

Team: Yug Kariha, Nirmal

The Walnut Bros

Founded, in July 2021,the Walnut Bros provides scrumptious walnuts for teens like us. Walnuts contain a lot of nutrition and is the favorite choice of dry fruits for parents to give to their children, but children, especially teens don’t like it’s weird taste. We are catering to their needs and give them walnuts, healthy and tasty, with flavours such as cheese, caramel and chocolate!!

Team: Akshita Malpani, Maahi Jain, Nishit Jindal & Arham Saraogi


We noticed that on every subject so much knowledge is available on the web and also we have no idea of the quality for the same so we launched our website wikiedge. Wikiedge is a presentation viewing platform where people will get a dedicated presentation for their knowledge
is to the point, accurate, structured and provided by professionals so that viewers will easily understand and be assured on its quality

Team: Neelansh Ladha, Aaryan Goyal