Cohort 2 Startups

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This is a fashion-based startup where Leftover cloth from boutiques and industries is purchased and then provided to rural unemployed women, where they are presented with an opportunity to earn by stitching these clothes into accessories like scrunchies, earrings, hair accessories, bows, etc. These accessories will be sold on the startup’s official website.

Founder : Falak Arora


Aromato is a product-based startup that deals with scented accessories, patches, bracelets, and many more variations. They aim to provide their customers with a product that is a more feasible alternative for perfumes in areas like gyms, parties, daily use, etc., and will ease the odor problems they face while doing these activities. It will also help insomniacs, people suffering from anxiety and cold cough get relief.

Team: Simran, Siya, Rijul, Aayti

Web Saheli

Web Saheli is a digital awareness initiative, especially for women. In today’s age of technology, it is important to know how to use the technology and use it safely.

Team: Divya Aswani, Shristi Atal, Shirish Bohra


Economatrix is an economics community app for school students. The app brings together economics enthusiasts and gives them a chance to connect through various forums, chat rooms, and even personally with each other. The app also offers the users a content feed where they can enjoy a variety of content related to economics-related topics.



Schood is a peer-to-peer mentoring app started by a group of students in 2021. The app aims to connect mentee students with mentor students on the app. The mentees can find a huge variety of areas they can seek mentorship and help in including academics, sports, soft skills, hard skills, mental health, and grief mentoring.

Koala Memories

Koala Memories lets you create a virtual museum, in this, you can create a personal 3-D museum and share them with your family and close friends. It can be built directly on your smartphone and can even be experienced on the web.

This helps customers to connect with their photos and videos it also allows them to interact with their photos in a 3D manner, it is a free space where they can store pictures.

Founder: Shaurya chandra, Palak Jain, Shuchita Ajmera

ARify Cards

They provide digital cards with a QR which when scanned will open up to their app and will show to the digital AR card of the user, which will include his/ hers details, a video or images which will explain their business and their social media accounts which one can use to publicize their social media accounts. When the scanner will go to their app he can view the digital card and can see the Information for future reference, in case needed. 

Team: Aarav Bader, Dhruv Pungeliya



Team: Saumya Baid, Nandini Jaithalia

Arth circles

We aim to create a community, an open space for a diverse group of people to come together, interact and explore and express themselves through art.

Team: Avishi Bohra, Aanya Banthia



An app that locates the nearest temples and books them for you. this app also provides features such as online live darshan, pre-booking, and navigation

Team: Nidhi Tolani, Raashi Goyal


They aim to raise awareness about societies’ carbon footprint and promote steps that can be taken to reduce large carbon footprints that have detrimental effects on the environment, as with changing lifestyles, life continues to be more and more convenient for us but people fail to recognize how even a small change in our habits has the potential to take a toll on planet Earth.

Team: Ishaan Goyal, Adhiraj Singh, Arnav Goyal


Their service helps you discover your own mode of therapy based on a professionally guided process. We based on a questionnaire analyze your mentality professionally and provide you, with your very own, customized self-therapy kit fulfilled with the best work crafts, products, and health recommendations relevant to heal your psychology.  


STUDERSHIP aims to support students through financial assistance either by helping them apply for scholarships or by crowdfunding themselves. We guide aid for those who wish to complete their higher education in India.

Grannys chulha

The taste of the food made in one’s family with traditional family recipes with a lot of love is unmatchable. However, when the person who made them is not around anymore, all of those special recipes that they held close to their heart are lost, and the stories and anecdotes, basically the essence of that person, are lost. Moreover, that person is not truly appreciated. Our project, Granny’s chulha, brings a solution to all these problems.

Team: Udita Bansal, Arpit Jain, Tanisha Sonkia