About Zedberrie

This is a fashion-based startup where Leftover cloth from boutiques and industries is purchased and then provided to rural unemployed women, where they are presented with an opportunity to earn by stitching these clothes into accessories like scrunchies, earrings, hair accessories, bows, etc. These accessories will be sold on zedberrie.com the startup’s official website.

1) pieces of cloth after the making of dresses with high potential get wasted away from boutiques; further, they’re burnt or dumped in the environment,       thus causing pollution and harm to the environment.

2) Mostly women are forced to stay at home due to many reasons and are not allowed to go and work, thus demotivating them.

3) The poverty and unemployment in India demand more job options to be created.

4) People don’t understand the value of reusing and recycling cloth

Resolutions to the issues-

1) residue of cloth engaged in producing accessories

2) provision of a chance for women to become the bread-winners of their family 

3) establishment of a unique procedure for poor people to earn.


4) making of authentic and handmade accessories in various designs

Zedberrie final by Nstart Students