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About Gladbe

GladBe- Their service helps you discover your own mode of therapy based on a professionally guided process. They are based on a questionnaire analyzes your mentality professionally and provide you, with your very own, customized self-therapy kit fulfilled with the best work crafts, products, and health recommendations relevant to heal your psychology.
  • Traditional vocal therapy sessions cost a lot of time and money. Over 75% of the people can’t consult therapy being low income.
  • General vocal therapy sessions are only aimed to provide therapy for disorderly brains ignoring the fact that happy minds also deserve equal opportunity in therapy.
  • According to WHO mental health of the world is deteriorating every year, if this continues the economy may soon imbalance. Traditional vocal therapy is very time-consuming and can’t be scaled and spread. Hence there should be an alternative to make therapy quickly and easily accessible
  • Our therapy which is in form of a therapy kit costs way less money and time.
  • We also provide therapy for happy and healthy mindsets.
  • Our therapy can easily be scaled, spread, and gifted to influence more and more population

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