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About Grannys chulha

The taste of the food made in one’s family with traditional family recipes with a lot of love is unmatchable. However, when the person who made them is not around anymore, all of those special recipes that they held close to their heart are lost, and the stories and anecdotes, basically the essence of that person, are lost. Moreover, that person is not truly appreciated. Our project, Granny’s chulha, brings a solution to all these problems.
  • Lack of appreciation and celebration for grandmothers.
  • When they pass away, their stories, anecdotes, events of life, and recipes all are lost.
  • Unable to preserve food recipes that are passed through the generations.
  • Celebrating and appreciating grandmas by giving them a personalised book of their recipes and stories.
  • Family recipes and events live on even if the person who made them is not around anymore.
  • Family is broughttogether in the process


Udita bansal
arpit jain
tanisha sonkia

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