About Koala Memories

Koala Memories lets you create a virtual museum, in this, you can create a personal 3-D museum and share them with your family and close friends. It can be built directly on your smartphone and can even be experienced on the web.

This helps customers to connect with their photos and videos it also allows them to interact with their photos in a 3D manner, it is a free space where they can store pictures.

  • Around 70% of people want to be remembered for their memories.
  • We save many photos and videos on our devices but never go through them.
  • There is no interactive way to go through your photos and videos
  • We create a space where you can store all of your memories.
  • We have designed a creative platform where you can keep in touch with your photos and videos.
  • This program allows you to interact with your photos in an interactive and unique way, in which you can view them in a 3-D manner.


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Shaurya chandra
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palak jain
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Shuchita ajmera

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