About NFT-Reality

NFT Reality will be a VR based NFT Marketplace and Art Gallery. It will use VR to its best extent to capture the complete essence of NFT Art and provide its users with a brand new experience. Also, it will enable users and NFT artists to present their NFT’s in the best way possible to the whole world.

1) The first NFT project was launched in 2015 and since then the NFT market had made waves throughout the world. Worth more than 10 Billion US Dollars, the NFT market has greatly influenced the digital art space. Now with NFT for the first time ownership in digital art is a thing where it can easily be checked who owns the art and this has led people to buy and invest millions of dollars in digital art. But now 3 problems have arisen – 

1)  No platform to experience NFT Art in its true environment – Just as traditional art is made to be seen in the environment it was made in i.e the real world in the same way all virtual art is meant for the virtual world i.e VR and even though there already exists VR art galleries they are still not able to utilize the full capabilities of VR.

2)  No platform to lavishly exhibit NFT – Anyone who buys something really expensive/likes to show it to the world in the most amazing way possible but currently, there is no platform for them to lavishly exhibit their NFT to their world.

3)  Lack of opportunities for Budding NFT  artists to monetize their work –  With the introduction of NFT, many artists have hit it big and many have started selling their own NFT’s on currently established NFT marketplaces but still there is a lack of good established NFT marketplaces where the budding and small artists can present their work in the best way they want to.

NFT Reality would solve the problems by providing a platform that enables users to –

1) View NFT’s in the environment they were made for –
NFT Reality would be a VR based NFT Art gallery where users will be able to see NFT’s in the environment they were made for. This would be a brand new way for seeing NFT’s and can change people’s whole perspective about NFT’s.

2)  Lavishly exhibit NFT’s in NFT art galleries – Users will be able to place their own NFT’s in NFT art galleries there in the virtual world where other people will be able to view their NFT’s and share their thoughts through comments. The owner will have great flexibility in how he wants to present his NFT so that when the world sees his/her NFT, it’s left in awe.

3)  Artists can monetize their work and present it in the best way possible –Artists will be able to present their work how they want to and will be able to monetize it by allowing people to buy their work.

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Prateek Begwani | Class 12

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