About Replanted

Replanted is an organization/startup that has pledged for and promotes waste utility in all forms. Whether it be reusing water at home or considering paper/plastic/etc. that is no more of use, as raw material for various industries We aspire to contribute to India’s waste management and make all our citizens a part of this initiative.

1.Jaipur’s daily production of solid waste is around 1100 MT/day. Of that amount, 200-250 MT remain on the streets, most is dumped in land fills and a very minimal percentage is recycled.

2.Isolation of recyclable waste is not practiced.

3.No door-to-door collection system is available of  waste except for a few housing societies.

4.Sweeping of roads is done periodically and is not practically efficient.

5.Transportion system is also not in sync with the system of primary collection and waste storage facilities.

I plan to solve a major part of this problem by launching a start up that provides door-to-door daily or alternate(according to the population and waste generation) recycleable waste collection from households and factories(paper ,plastic , fabric and biowaste).We plan to employ ragpickers. The first step to which will be creating awareness regarding segregation of waste and its identification and benefits.

The Benefits would be: 

1.A regular collection system secures proper utility of 99% of the recyclable waste

2.We make the most out of what you think is waste

3.We sell specially designed dustbins so you can segregate your waste efficiently and easily

4.A track of whose waste is taken where and what is the end product is kept and shared with the client.

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Vasudha Rawat | Class 9

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