Most frequent questions and answers

Students from class VII to class XII currently studying in Neerja Modi School can apply for the Nstart incubation program. 

Nstart plans to open its doors to outsiders in subsequent cohorts. 

There shall be quarterly intakes in September, December, March and June.
First quarter shall be active engagement with workshops, sessions and hands on mentorship. This would be followed by ongoing mentorship for the next 3 quarters

The selection process would be a three stepped process.

Application form —> Interview —> Induction

The interview will have jury members who will ask you about your business acumen, ability to think out of the box and your business idea (if any)

Yes, students can apply in teams. The team can be a maximum of 4 members. The team members can be from different classes and sections.

Yes, in case of team application all the students who were a part of that team will also be rejected but you can apply again in the next cohort.

Also you can fill a second form as an individual and increase your chances of selection.

For the first cohort there is a nominal fees of Rs.5,000 for the program. After completion of 2 months, students can use the co-working space, mentorship services, infrastructure and other resources at  Rs 500/- per month against a standard fees of Rs 1500/- per month for outsiders. 

There shall be no sessions and workshops organised during the exams. However, you can keep working on your startup and seek mentorship as per your time availability.

In case of good performance and growth, the incubation centre will be helping you to connect to certain investors. No funds shall be directly disbursed by the centres to the students.

No, you don’t need a business idea to apply.  All you need is the will and passion to be an entrepreneur. Although having a business idea while applying will increase your chances of selection.

Yes, for students coming to the school campus visiting the Nstart centre daily will be compulsory. Students working online will be required to update the school coordinators about the work being done. Separate attendance shall be marked for the incubation centre.

The timings of the incubation centre will be 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm during summers and 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm during winters. 

You can also use the centre at other times after speaking to the teacher co-ordinator.

At this moment the program is limited to NMS students. Outsiders may be allowed as visitors after permission from school authorities.

Yes, multiple entries can be submitted by the students with different teams or individually

To know more about the program structure check the “Program” page