About The Walnut Bros

Founded, in July 2021,the Walnut Bros provides scrumptious walnuts for teens like us. Walnuts contain a lot of nutrition and is the favorite choice of dry fruits for parents to give to their children, but children, especially teens don’t like it’s weird taste. We are catering to their needs and give them walnuts, healthy and tasty, with flavours such as cheese, caramel and chocolate!!

Walnut is one of the most nutritious dry fruits but it is not as popular and underrated when compared to almonds and cashews. They are like a third wheel that no one wants. Unlike almonds and cashews, walnuts lack variety in terms of flavours, options and processed products available in the market.

The Indian dry fruit market is a 30,000 crore industry and it is growing at a consistent pace of 5%. This industry is highly unorganised and walnut constitutes a huge part of the entire sector leaving a lot of space to formalise and grow. In addition, walnuts when eaten raw taste slightly bitter, and kids generally refuse to eat them.

The problem is quite big, and if the problem is solved then the consumption of walnuts would increase.

We are walnut bros and we have come out with a wide wide variety of flavors like classic cheese, chai, coffee, chocolate, maple spice, vanilla and a lot of other flavors. The flavors range from continental to Indian suiting the taste buds of every household. The customer who has been kept deprived of enjoying the health benefits and crunchy taste of walnut will be able to experience and explore the nut in various flavors and forms.

The availability of the products on various e-commerce platforms will make it accessible for the masses. Our product will help those consumers who are not willing to eat walnuts, eat with ease. It will reduce stress for all those mothers who run after their children to make them eat something healthy because now the children would enjoy eating flavored walnuts. Our product is unique in itself as a whole as there are hardly any walnut-related products available in the market.

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Arham Saraogi | Class 12
Akshita Malpani | Class 11
Maahi Jain | Class 11
Nishit Jindal | Class 11

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